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"This Is The Good Stuff" - Pine Bush, New York

My family has had a wood pellet stove for over 10 years now. I thought by buying bagged wood pellets at the local box store I was saving a lot, and I was. When I found out the giant hardware store was out, I was desperate. I found this site online and drove my truck over to the yard. The staff was knowledgeable and courteous. When I loaded my pellet stove hopper with these New England brand pellets I instantly noticed that they were burning hotter, but slower. I feel like it was the equivalent of putting the premium gasoline in my truck. I have decided to use these pellets exclusively not only to support local business, but because its a high quality product and we got better results. I have estimated that the cost is the same because we are using less pellets than before to do the same job.

"High Octane Fuel for Your Pellet Stove" - Middletown, New York

I did a lot of research online to see the difference between some of the wood pellets sold in the area. So I discovered through trial and success that if you spend a little more per ton for the premium pellets, you get not only higher BTUs and overall temperatures, they last longer. These guys always have pellets in stock and offer a great delivery service as well. I highly recommend them for your supply and delivery of premium wood pellets in the area.

 "Yes: There Is A Difference" - Bloomingburg, New York

The New England Wood Pellets keep my stove burning cleaner and hotter. I am a satisifed customer and am always happy to do business here. I give this company and delivery guys 5 stars.

 "Friendly Service" - Goshen, New York

We've been coming here about 9 years. Not all wood pellets (for heating the home) are created equal and we found they not only sell a good quality brand it's also one of the best prices in town when purchased by the ton. They also make every purchase a pleasure with fast and friendly service and loading - we barely have to get out of our truck which is great.. These guys are just so darn good at what they do and they're happy to share their knowledge when asking for their experienced advice.

"By The Bag or By The Ton" - Wallkill, New York

I met one of the owners here, he was down to earth, helped me out by estimating how many wood pellets I would need for my stove.  Awesome service every time I come in.  Prices are great as the prices of the material is the same whether its by the bag or by the ton.  We plan to purchase other products from here too.

"Delivery Was So Simple" - Walker Valley, New York

I just called up and said I needed 5 tons delivered right outside my detached garage. So easy. I am going to use them every season for wood pellets



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